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How Neoparser Can

Transform your business

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    For HR Department of Your Business

    Traditional resume review is time-consuming and inefficient due to the sheer volume of applications. Neoparser's accurate resume parsing API streamlines hiring and transforms HR operations.

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    For Resume Builder or ATS Companies

    Neoparser can transform your resume builder or job board software by providing accurate and efficient resume parsing, improving the user experience and increasing the chances of successful job matches.

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    For Hiring/Recruitment Agency

    Neoparser can transform your staffing or recruitment agency by automating resume parsing, increasing efficiency and accuracy, and enabling faster candidate matching, improving the quality of your service and the satisfaction of your clients.


Why we are #1 Resume Parser Company

Personality Assessment

Our system predicts best personality behaviors and abilities depicted in your resume.

Bulk Parsing

Our tool supports bulk parsing of resumes allowing organizations to create and add multiple profiles in Job Boards.

Our people make the difference

We’re an extension of your customer service team, and all of our resources are free. Chat to our friendly team 24/7 when you need help.

Best Accuracy You will get

Neoparser give you more than 95% Resume Parser Accuracy with other analysis which help you match the candidate to find job fit.

Multiple File Formats

Our system is supports PDF, Word (doc & docx) and text Files

Pay As You Go Pricing

You only pay for resume you parsed. You can parser one resume at very low cost.

Our Few Case Studies

How companies are using Neoparser to grow their business and saving money/time by automating resumes parsing.

Hiring Recruitment Agencies

Case study

How Hiring Recruitment Agencies are using Neoparser to Hire 100% Faster

Resume Builder or ATS Companies

Case study

How Resume Builder or ATS Companies are using Neoparser to grow 20% every year

HR Department Streamline Hiring

Case study

How HR Department Streamline Hiring & Transform their HR Operations with Neoparser

See all case studies

As the CEO of Chrome DM, I'm proud to say that Neoparser resume parser has revolutionized the way HR Department find and evaluate talent. The software quickly and accurately extracted the key information from each resume, making it easy for us to compare candidates and make informed hiring decisions. I highly recommend Neoparser to any company looking to streamline their recruitment process.

Pankaj Krishna

Pankaj Krishna
Chrome DM.

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Our flexible pay-as-you-go model empowers you to seamlessly adjust to evolving business requirements without overstretching your budget and enhances your agility in responding to changes. By paying only for what you use, you can scale your operations based on demand rather than predictions, mitigating the chances of either over provisioning or underutilizing resources.

What is included

  • Personality Assessment

  • Resume Assessment

  • Bulk Parsing

  • 100% Accurate

  • Multiple File Formats

  • Resume Parser

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